David is a fantastic teacher -- I worked with him on my free stroke for a number of weeks and was impressed with him as an educator, a player, and just an all around awesome and funny guy.

It's rare to find all of that in a teacher and I would highly recommend him to other students!

Andrew W.

Dear David-

Thank you so much for all your fantastic work with our SI percussionists! Your piece is terrific! It was such a great experience for them to work on it with you. Thanks for all your dedication.

Dr. Gillian Clement; Instrumental Music Director at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory

Dave is totally committed to his students and to providing dedicated, focused instruction on drumming technique. He has the really unique skill of being able to explain mechanical technique in an easily understandable way and on top of it, he takes the time to make sure you're progressing from lesson to lesson and offers nothing but encouragement.  A really great teacher and inspiration!

Jon L.

My daughter is learning the marimba from him. He is very supportive and patient. My daughter needed to learn two pieces for her SOTA (San Francisco School of the Arts) audition. He taught her a snare drum and marimba piece. He put together a plan and gave her homework to do weekly and she was prepared to audition in seven weeks. David knows what he’s doing and is so passionate about his students. He even loaned my daughter his special mallets for her audition. My daughter was accepted into SOTA and we owe it all to David. He is an exceptional teacher. My daughter has taken lessons from other drum teacher but David is definitely a true professional.

Margo G.

He's helped me with my compositions and has taught the uncontrollable bounce! Best drummer and teacher ever.

Christina A.

Wanted to let you know I just graduated Oberlin. Now I'm in Cleveland about to study at CIM. None of that would have happened if you didn't get me into SOTA, so David thank you so much. Every time I focus on technique (ignoring these orchestra guys) I remember all the stuff you taught me. Especially the wrist flick!

Chris C.

David is a great drummer, with a great attitude. I needed a drummer at the last minute to fill in on a gig. David was able to do the job with less than 5 hours notice, and he managed everything we threw at him; standards and ballads, rhumbas and waltzes, Country and Western, Beatles and Stones, even an impromptu Doors medley.

I didn't know this guy before, but now I'm hoping he is available on a regular basis. His professionalism is exemplary. Got to the gig early, played 90 minutes and stayed for one last song. He facilitated a good rapport with the audience and musicians he had never played with, or even met. I think just as important as anything else, David knew how to play the room; not too soft, not too loud so that conversation could flow while couples were on the dance floor.

This guy displayed a lot of great chops, good control, awareness of the situation (sensed when I wanted the tempo pulled back a bit) and when we threw a solo his way he expressed himself well. Musicians share a lot of unspoken cues and he caught 100% of them.

I'm writing this review not as a student, but as a musician, and one who was very impressed. David is a pro and a pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff, can switch genres easily, has great technique, is very musical, and is easy going to boot.

William G.

I've been taking lessons from David for over two years now, and I must say that its been great. I started playing drums really late and his focus on technique has really helped me adapt to the demands of drumming. Classes are informal and he almost always spends more than an hour with you. His taste in music is wide and the best part is even after 30 odd years of playing drums, he knows that learning is a never ending process. I'm glad to say that David is more than just my teacher, but also my friend.

Kartik A.

Mr. Dieni has sworn to the 'Percussive Hippocratic Oath'. There is no such thing, but if there was, it would describe the ethical code by which David operates his educational practice. Believe it or not, there is a "right way to drum", no doubt about it. Some percussion teachers never learn that lesson well enough to pass it along to their students. I know because I've taken lessons from them. In my past, I have been a member of several elite drum corps but over the last 10 years, as I started my high-tech computer career, I let my chops go but never lost my love for drumming. David has personally helped me undo years of neglect and bad hand technique. After two years of perseverance in the face of adversity, I have made unbelievable strides in getting my skills back that I would've told you two years ago were totally impossible. I can't say enough about David in the capacity he has served as my personal guide from the abyss of bad hand technique back to the land of the living drummer. Thanks David, I feel a genuine sense of gratitude to you for having guided me back to the activity I identify with and love.

Adam G.